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Here you can find all fillable Department of the Army or DA Forms available for download, some DA Forms are
also available in Microsoft Word format.
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DA Forms in Microsoft Word
DA Form 31 Leave Form
DA Form 87 Certificate of Training
DA Form 1059
DA 1380 Reserve Duty Performance
DA Form 1594 Daily Staff Journal (CQ Log)
DA Form 2062 Hand Receipt
DA Form 3161 Request for Issue/Turn in
DA Form 3501 GCA Operations Log
DA Form 3848 Personal Clothing Request
NEW DA Form 4856 Counseling Form

Request a DA Form in MS Word Format
DA 6 Duty Roster
DA 31 Leave Form
DA Form 67-9 OER Form
DA 638 Recommendation for Award
DA 705 APFT Score Card
DA 1103 AER application
DA 1594 Daily Staff Journal (CQ Log)
DA 1687 Signature Card
DA 2062  Hand Receipt
DA 2166-8 NCOER
DA 3161 Request for Issue and Turn-in
DA 3355 Promotion Point Work Sheet
DA 4187 Personnel Actions
DA 4856 Counseling Form (New Version)
DA 5500 Body Fat Worksheet
Frequently used DA Forms
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