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New Army TC 3-22.20 Physical Readiness Training (PRT) Manual << Back to FMs
The Army assesses, plans, prepares and executes training and leader development through
training based on tasks, conditions and standards. Knowing the task, assessing the level of
proficiency against the standard and developing a sustained or improved training plan is the
essence of all Army training.

TC 3-22.20 provides the training and leader development methodology that forms the foundation
for developing competent and confident Soldiers in the conduct of full spectrum operations. The
tasks, conditions and standards of PRT activities derive from the mission analysis of the physical
demands of unit mission, core or directed mission essential task list (METL) and Warrior Tasks and
Battle Drills (WTBDs). The Army PRT System is performance-based, incorporating physically
demanding activities that prepare Soldiers and units to accomplish the physical requirements of
these warrior tasks and battle drills. As Soldiers’ physical performance levels increase, standards
remain constant, but conditions become more demanding. To ensure the generation of superior
combat power, the end state requires leaders to integrate the relative physical performance
capabilities of every Soldier. Soldiers and leaders must execute the planned training, assess
performance and retrain until they meet Army Physical Fitness Training Program standards as
specified in AR 350-1, Training and Leader Development. Conditions should as nearly as possible
replicate wartime conditions.

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